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The Greek Advocate is responsible for advocacy and advisement on behalf of the Men's Fraternity Community at the University of Colorado, including the Alumni Interfraternity Council, the undergraduate Interfraternity Council, and individual fraternity chapter including their National Offices, alumni, local advisors, elected officers and representatives, and individual Brothers.

The CU Greek Advocate will:


  • Advocate for and take such actions that will result in a positive change in the fraternal culture and social climate of the Greek community in general and the individual fraternity chapters and their Brothers in particular.
  • Establish a Fraternity Standards Program including standards for individual fraternity members at CU in coordination with IFC and the AIFC.
  • Such other duty as mutually agreed upon by the Advisor and the AIFC

With the IFC and NIC:

  • Develop and implement system-wide programs for the education and improvement of the Greek community, chapters, and brothers, as well as the enhancement of both the realities of day-to-day Greek life and the public perception of that experience.
  • With the IFC, implement a mandatory "new member" orientation and training program immediately following formal recruitment.
  • Act as advisor and mentor to the IFC, assist in development of programming and training for its members, and provide budget preparation and oversight.
  • Meet regularly with IFC Exec Board and with all chapter presidents.
  • Act as administrator for alumni IFC.
  • Inform the IFC, local chapter advisors, and National Directors of any violations of Fraternal Standards, Risk Management Standards, or potential violation of the law. Disciplinary actions to be the responsibility of the IFC, local chapter, and National organizations.
  • Act as liaison with NIC and coordinate local effort with NIC.

With the Community:

  • Act as official spokesperson and advocate for CU's fraternities with the media, the University, the city of Boulder, and all other "external" entities.
  • Be present during any "crisis" situation affecting the Greek community and coordinate with the University, law enforcement, and the media.
  • Provide review, follow-up, assessment, debriefing, and suggestions for future actions.
  • Act as liaison with City of Boulder and University fire and police departments and other departments as needed as well as other student groups, the Coalition for a Responsible Community, University Hill Neighbors Association, and the University Hill Business Merchants.

With the Chapters:

  • Assist, mentor, and help coordinate all recruitment efforts of the fraternity system including marketing campaigns and training of recruitment leaders in each chapter.
  • Assist individual Brothers with problem solving and addressing issues that impede academic or social success.
  • Prior to the beginning of the school year, meet with all chapter Presidents regarding Fraternity Standards, expectations, responsibilities, accountability, and the role of IFC and the Alumni IFC.
  • Meet with each chapter and new member class to explain the Greek Advisor's role and the goals of the IFC and the Alumni IFC during first semester of the school year.
  • Co-ordinate CU Fraternity website and other publications and communications, including mailing, mass emailings, and the like.

Within the University Community:

  • Act as liaison with University Administration and all departments as needed.
  • Act as liaison with CU sororities and the Alumni Pan Hellenic Board.

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