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North American Interfraternity Conference
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Undergraduate Interfraternity Council
University of Colorado at Boulder, Inc.

Goals for 2019

Adopted by IFC Executive Board, 10 Dec 2018
Affirmed by Chapter Presidents, 13 Jan 2019

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  • Create positive interactions among IFC fraternities and their brothers to build better interfraternal relationships especially through competitive chapter athletics, good sportsmanship, and joint social and community service activities.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the IFC and individual fraternities and their brothers, and with the Panhellenic Council, their individual sororities and their sisters, through planned programming.
  • Continue to increase the number and academic quality of potential new members participating in all-fraternity recruitment through increased use of social media and innovative recruitment strategies to reach the broadest range of CU students possible.
  • Improve the retention of quality chapter fraternity brothers, especially through improved IFC and chapter programs designed specifically for upper classmen.
  • Build upon the Safe Chapter initiative begun in 2012. Eliminate all hazing. Positively impact the drug and alcohol culture at the University of Colorado at Boulder through the leadership of the IFC and fraternity chapters. Provide educational programming for individual chapters and their brothers about sexual harassment and assault issues as well as men’s health and wellness.
  • Review, update, and implement new community standards, expectations, rules and Bylaws affecting the safety of our properties, guests, and brothers through a review of Judicial Bylaws, alcohol policies, and the role of IFC with chapter annexes.
  • Strengthen a positive Greek image in Boulder that demonstrates a proud, unified, and independent fraternity community with improved relationships with the University of Colorado, the City of Boulder, Boulder Police and Fire Departments, University Hill community, and other partners.

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